Animation Work

For the last few years I have been working in mostly 2D either through adobe products or in the classic physical way of hand-drawn animation. Below you will find links to a mix of short films and gifs from the last 3 years.


Animation: "Sally's Stories"

My final film for my third semester junior  year animation class.  It is a piece dedicated to my grandmother who passed a few years ago. The voice over is her voice speaking about the history of our family. I used photoshop for the first time to draw the whole piece and then put it together in After Effects. I had about 3 weeks to come up with the idea and execute it. I'm proud of the final product and I think Sally would be, too.


Film: "So You Must Wander"

I wrote a poem about how lonely it can be in New York and made paper cut outs to go with it. Put them in motion and ta-dah, stop motion video.


Film: "You Look Tired"

Original Short. Using classic hand-drawn 2D animation and claymation. I got the idea after sleeping in my bedroom one too many nights with no air conditioning. Heat does weird things to a person's brain.

Game Demo: "Orange County"

Orange County is a dungeon crawler concept I have based on the opioid epidemic. You play as one of two characters and try to fight off the goop monsters, while also keeping your health up. You get lives by grabbing hearts, but you have to also keep your speed and power by attaining lungs which keep your circulatory and respiratory system function. The point is to keep from succumbing to an overdose. I wanted to create an atmosphere that felt off while trying to teach people the true horrifying nature of this addiction.


Test Animation: 3D room in After Effects

This was my very first 3D room I built on After Effects. I was inspired by The Cloisters in Washington Heights. It's a great museum that everyone should check out at some point!


Film: "On The Way"

My final film for my second semester sophomore year animation class. I often create whole choreographed dances on the way to class or work while listening to music. In 3 weeks this was what I created in hopes of letting some people into that world. So put on your magic headphones and enjoy!